Antigua, also known as Waladli or Wadadli by the native population, is an island in the West Indies. 14 miles long and 11 miles wide, Antigua is the largest of the English-speaking Leeward Islands.

On Antigua, life is a beach. Its corrugated coasts cradle scores of perfect little strands lapped by beguiling blue water, while the sheltered bays have provided refuge for everyone from Admiral Nelson to pirates and yachties. Antigua was the most important Caribbean base for the Royal Navy in the days of Horatio Nelson, and you can make a trip to the historic Nelson’s Dockyard and English Harbour.

Interesting facts about Antigua:

  • The island’s highest point is Mount Obama (formerly Boggy Peak), the remnant of a volcanic crater rising 402 meters (1319 feet). It was known as the Boggy Peak until 4 August 2009, when it was renamed after Barack Obama who has a birthday on this day.
  • The country is nicknamed “Land of 365 Beaches” due to the many beaches surrounding the islands.
  • After 349 years as a British colony, Antigua and Barbuda gained independence in 1981.