Bloon final pod design for human space travel

During the past year, Zero 2 Infinity has worked closely with the Barcelona based Elisava School of Design and Engineering on the interior of the pod.

The result consists of an open modular composition and introduces the usage of innovative materials and aesthetics, customisable for the best experience of passengers. With over 50 years’ legacy, constant innovation and academic excellence, Elisava’s approach has been integral to the development of this project.

Bloon is configured for six passengers, plus two pilots with individual spaces for each. The patented pod design by Zero 2 Infinity features large, panoramic windows enhancing the experience.

Bloon is a sustainable solution to Space transportation that has no negative impact on the environment. The pod is reusable and, since the balloon uses helium, it ensures a safe mission with no emissions.

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6th March 2018 Blog ,
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