Boats & Trains


Global Artichoke loves the art of slow travel – and its variety.

At one end of the scale, cocooning luxury glides you through beautiful scenery in the most civilised and glamorous fashion.

At the other extreme, expedition vessels take you to parts of the map marked ‘here be dragons’, equipped with zodiacs, helicopters, guides and rubberised equipment.

Ride an elegant Pullman between European cities, through the Rockies, across the beautiful counties of Ireland or the vast plains of Africa; an expedition ship to Antarctica or the wild north of Australia, exploring Patagonia, the Galapagos or the Norwegian Fjords. Take a river boat up the Amazon – or down the Mekong – or around the bends of the Ganges; a private steam packet out of Vancouver, or an America’s Cup yacht in the BVIs. Kick back on the polished teak of a luxury junk with your friends, marauding up and down the Indonesian archipelago or charter a catamaran (and a Creole cook) in the Seychelles.

We would be delighted to help you find the perfect holiday ‘of no fixed abode’. We are at your disposal.

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