It’s a jungle out there! Borneo has some of the world’s most species-rich equatorial rainforests with prime patches that are easily accessible from modern, multiethnic cities.

If you’ve always longed to experience the humid fecundity of a real equatorial rainforest, Borneo will fulfill your wildest dreams. The island’s jungles conjure up remoteness and adventure, bringing to mind impenetrable foliage and river trips into the ‘heart of darkness’. But look a little closer and nuances emerge: the pitcher plants, lianas and orchids of the lowland forest give way to conifers and rhododendrons as you ascend the flanks of Mt Kinabalu.

Interesting Facts About Borneo:

  • An orangutan from a zoo reintroduced to the wild in Borneo began spear fishing after watching local fisherman.
  • Half of the world’s timber comes from Borneo.
  • During the last 10 years 360 new species have been found in Borneo.