For a small land-locked country, Botswana has some of the most fascinating safari in Africa. Only two million people leave plenty of room for wildlife and the tourism industry is an increasingly important part of the economy.

The northern border is just a stone’s throw from Victoria Falls in the East, the rest of the border being with Namibia along the Caprivi Strip. Namibia lies to the West, Zimbabwe to the East and South Africa to the South.

The Okavango Delta is one of the highlights of African safari and should not be missed. This is the ‘sink’ (not a delta at all) where the Okavango River disappears into the ground over a large and beautiful area of trickling watercourses, shallow lagoons and islands. If you take Africa and add fresh water you get a Garden of Eden full of magnificent bird life and every animal on the safari watch-list.

The Kalahari Desert is just south of the Delta and provides an entirely different landscape and experience. Combine the two for a fascinating look at the two sides to Botswana. Fly in and out of Maun, using Johannesburg as the main hub.