British Isles


While some countries spend a fortune coming up with fancy marketing campaigns, It is right there in the name. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, may not be great in terms of size, but this diminutive collection of islands anchored off the west coast of Europe most certainly punches above its weight in terms of attractions to enjoy on a luxury holiday.

Small it may be, small is not  its diverse array of landscapes! Take in the graceful architecture of Canterbury Cathedral, explore the extraordinary giants causeway, hike to the Top of Snowdonia in Wales, stand on the cliffs edge peering into the distance at Lands end or admire the picture-postcard landscape of the Cotswolds, Britain’s astounding variety is a major reason to visit.

The cities tempt with top-class shops and restaurants, and some of the world’s finest museums, while cutting-edge clubs and world-famous theatres provide endless nights to remember. Next day, you’re deep in the countryside, high in the hills or enjoying a classic seaside resort. In Britain, there really is something for everyone! We know, we live here!

Interesting facts about The British Isles:

  • Bagpipes were invented in Iran and then brought to Scotland by the Romans.
  • There’s a bar in Ireland that opened in the year 900 A.D. and is still operational. It’s named “Sean’s Bar”.
  • Zoo keepers in an English zoo had to learn French in order to speak to baboons coming from a French zoo, because the animals didn’t respond to English commands.