Colombia has been a great destination for a couple of decades now – that is to say, Cartagena has – but the country is opening up a little further.

A night of two in Bogota would not be considered wasted and a boat trip out to the Rosario Islands off Cartagena can be a very pleasant complement to a stay in the city. The Coffee Lands are lush and mountainous and nice accommodation is arriving and improving all the time.

For many years in Cartagena town, there has been a burgeoning boutique hotel portfolio and the competition therein is producing establishments of excellent international standard.

The city is colourful, vibrant and exciting. A café culture during the day eases into an evening of passeggiata promenading and late-night dining. Music and dancing, art and culture (the Hay Literary Festival is held here) abound and the emerald and jewellery shops are a fascinating spectacle – bring your loupe.