Far East


A place where spirituality reigns, the Far East is a destination where even the most seasoned traveller can discover something new. It is full to the brim with endless culture and delicious cuisine.

The calm allure of the striking temples, contrast with the dazzling lights of the buzzing cities ands it’s plentiful of wildlife; swinging orangutans in Borneo, Asian elephants in Thailand, The Beautiful pandas of China and gaze in wonder at the ocean creatures some of the Far East’s finest beaches.

Interesting facts about the Far East:

  • Borneo is the world’s third largest island, behind Greenland and New Guinea.
  • In China over 30 million people live in cave.
  • The word “Thailand” means, “Land of the free”.
  • Traditional Cambodian weddings are quite involved and can go for up to three days and three nights.