Active souls tend to find their agenda very full once they get to Guatemala. Stunning trekking routes through the jungles and up volcanoes, world-class white-water rafting, miles of caves to explore, and what seems like a zip line strung between every two trees in the country are just the beginning.

Like to take things up a notch? How about paragliding into a volcanic crater at Lago de Atitlán? Or scuba diving in the same place? You might even luck onto some good swell on the Pacific coast. Or you could just find a hammock and languidly consider your options. Your call.

Mysterious and often challenging, Central America’s most diverse country offers landscapes and experiences that have been captivating travelers for centuries.

Interesting facts about Guatemala:

  • Guatemala gained independence from Spain on September 15th The largest holiday fair takes place in Quetzaltenango on this national holiday.
  • The first chocolate bar was invented during Mayan Times in Guatemala.
  • The highest point in Guatemala is Tajumulco Volcano. There are nearly 33 volcanoes spread through the highlands of Guatemala.