This is a large portfolio – anything that isn’t a Private Villa or Ski Chalet, taken on an exclusive basis, is a hotel. Except a Train. Or a Boat. Or a Safari. Or a hotel in the mountains. This we have called a Lodge (under Ski) and possibly a Spa. Confused?

Such variety and scope! In town, from the Georges V (or boutique Esprit St Germain) in Paris, The Savoy (or Covent Garden Hotel) in London and the Carlyle (or Gramercy Park) in New York to the Hotel du Cap Eden Rock and Palazzina G in Venice. From Clayoquot in the wilds of Vancouver to The Brando on a Polynesian dot or Song Saa on stilts off a deserted Cambodian island.

Where to go? We have visited them and can help you put together the perfect trip.

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