Indonesia, a Southeast Asian nation made up of thousands of volcanic islands, is home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking many different languages. The world’s fourth most populous country – 255 million and counting – is a sultry kaleidoscope that runs along the equator for 5000km.

This ever-intriguing, ever-intoxicating land offers some of the last great adventures on earth. The people are as radically different from each other as if they came from different continents, with every island a unique blend of the men, women and children who live upon it. Over time deep and rich cultures have evolved, from the mysteries of the spiritual Balinese to the utterly non-Western belief system of the Asmat people of Papua.

Where the natural beauty is as diverse as the people who live among it. You can have world-class fun on Bali and the next day be way off the grid in the incredible Bandas. Welcome to Indonesia!

Interesting facts about Indonesia:

  • A species of Indonesian parrot called Goffin’s cockatoo can solve complex mechanical puzzles.
  • Indonesia and Monaco have the same flag.
  • The world’s largest flower, Rafflesia Arnoldi, weighs up to 7 kg (15 pounds) and only grows on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.