The home of commercial safari sometime around 1915, made famous by the film Out of Africa, today Kenya has an extremely well developed and sophisticated safari business.

The country turns to desert in the north where it borders Ethiopia and Sudan, naughty Somalia to the Northeast and the Indian Ocean to the Southeast, Tanzania to the South and Uganda in the West. Africa’s northern airport hub is Nairobi.

The ‘East African’ style of safari originates here. Charming safari guides who complement bush knowledge with drawing room humour. The term ‘Sundowners’ was coined here, most often served with ‘Bitings’.

North of Nairobi, there is some spectacular scenery. Lake Turkana (famous flamingos) on the border and the Northern Samburu District are well off the beaten path. Samburu and Lewa are on the slopes of Mount Kenya and the very pleasant climate of Lake Naivasha is why Nairobi came about. To the south is the Masai Mara – the tip of The Serengeti which sticks over the border from Tanzania – and home to the longest-established safari camps in the world.