Malawi may be land-locked but the country is about half lake! Lake Nyasa (or Lake Malawi) is the southernmost of the great Rift Valley lakes, sometimes know as the calendar lake, being 52 miles wide and 365 miles long. Malawi borders Tanzania to the north, Zambia to the west and Mozambique sort of wraps around it to border on the southwest, south and east.

Fly into Lilongwe, the capital and the other major city is Blantyre in the south, not far from their mountain, Mulanje. This volcanic plateau marks the southern end of the Rift Valley and is quite handy because it provides a different eco-system allowing the growth of tea and forestry, etc; other main crops being tobacco and sugarcane.

Malawians are known as the friendliest of the African peoples and more often than not, on travels around East Africa, you will find the lodge chef is from Malawi.

This is a lovely gentle country with beautiful scenery and the lake lodges offer an interesting alternative in which to relax after a safari in nearby Zambia or Botswana.