Middle East


The Middle East is a transcontinental region centred on Western Asia and Egypt. It generally has a hot, arid climate and has several major rivers providing irrigation to support agriculture.

History is written everywhere in the Middle East; from the cosmopolitan streets of Turkeys capital, Ankara, to the grand pyramids of Egypt. Its where Christianity, Judaism and Islam all arose, making it a destination for many pilgrimages. In the Middle East’s remarkable past beauty and wonder lies everywhere; in the stunning Islamic architecture, desert landscapes, immersive bazaars and the incredible hospitality of the local people.

The Middle East has a lot to offer aside from all its history and culture; the cuisine of the various countries is full of diversity while keeping a degree of correlation. Commonly used ingredients include olives, pitas, honey, chickpeas, sumac and mint inspiring dishes to truly get those taste buds tingling.

Interesting facts about the Middle East:

  • This is where mankind first began to write.
  • In Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is building a city with zero cars, zero emissions, and a university that will specialize in green technology, called Masdar City.