Namibia stretches up the Atlantic coast from South Africa to Angola. This coastline, famously know as The Skeleton Coast sees the countries deserts march into the sea where there is often a heavy mist, retreating only to reveal the skeletons of rusting ships, succumbed to the perils of this shore.

Namibia is largely desert or very arid scrub. It is basically a huge sand pit playground for adults. It’s so much fun! The light on the dunes and cliffs and the occasional wandering elephant or other wildlife give a Namibian safari a mystical kind of feel.

In the north, the Angolan border goes a bit haywire as a result of some political work in the 1890’s. The Caprivi Strip shoots out to the east along the Cubango or Okavango River (which rises in Angola) and then further, all the way to Zambia and the Zambezi River, stopping just short of bordering Zimbabwe – because I think they realised the paperwork would be a nightmare.

Take a flying safari with the Schoemans or a self-driving 4×4 safari into the north. Stay in the Namib Desert and gaze at the wondrous light on the dunes or take part in the leopard programme at Okonjima. Call us for help in putting together the perfect Namibian safari.