New Guinea


The striking natural beauty and myriad complex cultures offer some riveting and truly life-affirming experiences. The island of New Guinea, is only one-ninth as big as Australia, yet it has just as many mammal species, and more kinds of birds and frogs.

It is one of earth’s megadiverse regions, and it owes much of its diversity to its topography. The mountainous terrain has spawned diversity in two ways: isolated mountain ranges are often home to unique fauna and flora found nowhere else, while within any one mountain range you will find different species as you go higher. In the lowlands are jungles whose trees are not that different from those of Southeast Asia.

Interesting facts about New Guinea:

  • Portuguese navigators are said to be the first Europeans to have sighted the island of New Guinea.
  • The island of New Guinea was named after the country of Guinea in Africa. The island is one of the largest islands on Earth.