New Zealand


A land of beautiful scenery, varying from north to south, this place is about the great outdoors. Rugged coastlines, bays of islands, lovely beaches for surfing, swimming, sailing or sunning; farm land and grazing land, vineyards and national parks; fjords, lakes, rugged mountains, snow fields and glaciers – this country is a huge natural playground.

Throw in a stable climate and four distinct seasons, ranging from 21-32C (70-90F) in the summer to 2-16C (35-60F) in the winter and you can plan confidently to enjoy New Zealand’s different characters.

The country is the size of the UK or Japan but with only four and a half million people. Three quarters of the population live on the North Island and a third of them live in Auckland itself – so the countryside is empty and, now the Hobbits have gone, unspoilt.

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Interesting facts about New Zealand:

  • The courts in New Zealand allowed a child to be named ‘Number 16 Bus Shelter’.
  • New Zealand’s native Māori make up only 15% of the population
  • New Zealand was undiscovered and completely devoid of human beings no more than 800 years ago.