North America


North America is a continent entirely within the Northern Hemisphere and almost makes its way into the Western Hemisphere. It is a continent of immense mountains and giant lakes, icebergs and tropical swamps; home to bears (even polar bears), alligators, wolves, and herds of bison that still roam the rolling grasslands. North America never fails to amaze with its vast variety of spectacular sights.

Shop on the energetic streets of New Yorks 5th Avenue, enjoy nature’s majestic landscape of the Canadian Rockies, sun yourself on California’s beaches, take hike through one of earths last wilderness areas in Alaska Denali National Park, or even experience a true Wild West ranch. With such a wide range of activities there is something for everyone.

Interesting facts about North America:

  • It is the only continent that has every kind of climate.
  • Mount McKinley in Alaska is he tallest point on the continent, and Death Valley in California is the lowest.
  • Niagara Falls in Canada is one the most popular waterfalls in the world.