We’re using this old description and defining it to include Australia and New Zealand and then Papua New Guinea and Polynesia (Fiji, Bora Bora and the other Pacific Islands as far as Easter Island. Hawaii we leave in North America).

In New Zealand, the last 20 years have seen a steady improvement in tailor-made services, used to join up the dots of lodge and hotel stays. The portfolio varies in style from the earliest pioneers of ‘luxury lodge’ whose décor and ambience are definitely ‘of an era’ to the new generation of spectacular contemporary properties.

Australia has had a more recent renaissance and the last 10 years have seen amazing changes. The most extraordinary luxury lodges and hotels have opened up all over the continent – so that several longer itineraries are really valid – and the professionalism in service and fabulous cuisine have to be experienced to be believed.

Take a step east of here and you enter grass skirt territory and there will be a Pacific Island to suit you – it’s just a question of picking the right one. Global Artichoke is at your disposal to help point your canoe in the right direction.