From majestic landscapes and awesome viewpoints to attractive coastal cities and stunning forests, the island of Réunion really packs a punch.

Réunion is not all about photogenic landscapes and adrenaline-pumping activities. There’s plenty to compel culture aficionados, too. This French overseas territory offers a fascinating jumble of Creole, African, Indian, Chinese and French influences that was created by centuries of immigration, and there’s a casual multi-ethnic atmosphere.

Réunion is a dream destination for lovers of the outdoors. Hiking is the number-one activity. Some of the most inspirational hiking trails in the southern hemisphere are to be found here, from simple nature trails in the forest to more challenging, multi-day itineraries and iconic summits, including the Piton des Neiges (3071m)

Jutting out of the ocean like a basaltic shield cloaked in green, this scenically magical island enjoys a truly astonishing diversity of landscapes. Awesome mountainscapes, emerald forests, tumbling waterfalls, soul-stirring panoramas, energetic coastal cities and a sprinkling of white- or black-sand beaches. This is everything you should expect from a trip to Réunion.

Interesting facts about Reunion:

  • Reunion Island was the first region in the world to use the euro, mainly because of being located in a time zone to the east of Europe.
  • The total land area of Reunion is a cosy 969.9 square miles (2,512 square kilometres).
  • Reunion exports sugar, rum, vanilla and seafood.