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Important changes are happening to lodges in the Seychelles

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In order to find the correct lodge for you in the Seychelles, you can  imagine a SLIDING SCALE starting at Designer Interior/Luxury/Connectivity/Busier and ending at Unspoilt Eco-reserve/Rustic/Off-grid/Remote/Quieter.

The Inner Granite Islands include the four largest: Mahe (international airport), La Digue & Praslin and Silhouette. On these are by far most of the 4*, 5* and 5*plus resorts and lodges.

There are also small isolated private granite islands within the ‘inner circle’: North Island and Fregate Island (both 5*plus).

The Outer Coral Islands are remote although only a 30-minute flight away, they are spread out widely and are all private (one lodge) islands. These include the newest hotel to open in the Seychelles, the Four Seasons 5*plus on Desroches in the south and the 5* Denis Private Island in the north.

Top Lodge Changes

On our SLIDING SCALE, our TOP LODGES have always been North Island, Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Denis and Fregate Island. 30 Villas at Denis and Six Senses, half that number on North and Fregate, all are wonderfully intimate.

Denis is along the slider at the Off-grid/Unspoilt eco end and the Six Senses is a little way along to the other side, being probably the hippest island resort in the Seychelles, on Felicite just off La Digue.

We think the BEST balance on our SLIDING SCALE has long been achieved by North Island and Fregate Island. Only around 16 villas on each, they sit on beautifully conserved private islands and offer perfect desert island paradise with luxurious living, superb cuisine and services / activities.

North Island has just changed hands and Fregate Island will close for a rebuild at Easter 2021

In addition, North Island has lost its CEO Bruce Simpson to Miavana on Madagascar – Bruce practically invented luxury eco-tourism in the Indian Ocean – and Miavana is currently the destination to look.

Fregate Island was the original luxury eco-lodge in the Seychelles and its credentials are far higher than any competitor. The rebuild is anticipated to bring an incredible destination and opportunity back for a lucky few, sometime around the end of 2022…

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