South Africa


The most sophisticated and, under Nigeria, wealthiest African country, South Africa has a huge range of interests and natural history in a very pleasant climate between 26 and 34 degrees South.

Johannesburg, inland to the northeast, is a modern city of steel and glass with the capital Pretoria as a kind of older more grown-up suburb. Cape Town on the southwest corner is a very civilised seaside destination surrounded by vineyards and rolling farmland. Durban and Port Elizabeth lie along the south coast.

In the east, the country borders Namibia, the climate turning more desert-like as one approaches the border. Similarly with the Botswana border, in the middle of the continent, where the Kalahari Desert links the two. In the northeast the border is with Zimbabwe and then Mozambique on the coast. This region is much more fertile and the great Kruger National Park with its huge wildlife population is found here.

Johannesburg is the air hub for the whole of southern Africa. Play at Sun City, safari in the Kruger, take the Blue Train to Cape Town, tour the Wine Route or drive out along the Garden Route, sampling oysters at Knysna along the way. The food and wine traditions here are strong so that whatever you do – relaxing in style in some of the best hotels on the continent – or enjoying fabulous safari based at a world-class lodge – you will always receive a warm South African welcome.