St Barths


Saint Barthelemy, a French-speaking Caribbean island commonly known as St. Barts, is known for its dramatic sky-scraping mountains, isolated stretches of powder-soft sand, windswept cliffs, scrubby green hills and turquoise bays dotted with myriad sailboats. With such a dreamlike setting, St-Barth is, unsurprisingly, a destination of choice for the rich, famous and beautiful

The island, an overseas collectivity of France, blends the sophistication of St.-Tropez with the laissez-fare Caribbean lifestyle, which means it’s exclusive yet totally unpretentious. Walk into any beachfront restaurant, for instance, and you’ll see well-dressed women with Birkins eating lunch beside sandy, barefoot beachgoers; walk into a club wearing jean cutoffs and no one will raise an eyebrow. It’s a specific brand of laid-back luxury that breeds instant converts. Make one trip, and you’ll find yourself immediately hooked.

Interesting fact about St Barths:

  • Toi Là! Je t’aime!”(You There! I love you!) has become the adopted motto of St. Barths and it’s simply a tribute to the island’s warm character and welcoming spirit.
  • Discovered by Columbus in 1493, and named for his brother Bartolomeo, St. Barths was first settled in 1648 by French colonists from the nearby island of St. Kitts.