St Kitts & Nevis


Saint Kitts and Nevis is a dual-island nation situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Near-perfect packages – that’s how you might think of St Kitts and Nevis. The two-island nation combines beaches with beauteous mountains, activities to engage your body and rich history to engage your mind.

The landscape and plantation inns are a constant reminder of the once dominant sugar industry, and the islanders’ warm hospitality is a clear indication of how visitors are welcomed with open arms.Meanwhile, the beaches are unspoilt and generally uncommercialised, with backdrops featuring rugged volcanic peaks and lush rainforest.

St Kitts is the larger and feels that way, from bustling Basseterre and mighty Brimstone Hill Fortress to the party strip and resorts of Frigate Bay. Nevis is a neater package, anchored by a single volcanic mountain buttressed by a handful of beaches and a tiny capital, Charlestown. Nature walks take you into the verdant upper reaches of the peak.

Interesting facts about St Kitts & Nevis:

  • Cricket is a national obsession in St. Kitts
  • Every spring, swimmers arrive from across the Caribbean and beyond to take part in a race between the sister islands.
  • The two biggest occasions in the social calendar are the St. Kitts Music Festival which is now in its 20th year.The other being St. Kitts-Nevis National Carnival