St Barths Open for Business

The Chic-est of Caribbean islands is opening for the New Season

The 2019 / 2020 season is about to get going and so many of St Barths great hotels have never looked so good!
Following massive rebuilds, renovations and reinventions two years ago, things have settled in and are now working at full  throttle.

Le Toiny, now back under management of the Vere Nicholls, the inventors of top-end hotellerie on St Barths,  is no exception. It has a glorious new restaurant where Jarad McCarroll creates new magic with his superb cuisine and there is a new fitness club where you can offset the effects.

The accommodation is all renewed, expanded, made more marvellous and there is no doubt that Le Toiny is right back on top in St Barths – a very distinguished family of hotels to be on top of!

If you have not visited St Barths for a little while, this is the season to think about going again.
You will be impressed with the improvements across the board and a new energy pervades all.

Call Global Artichoke of Email us and we’ll find the right one for you!

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