Tanzania is huge and extremely diverse. It stretches from the eastern Indian Ocean into the centre of the continent, to the Great Rift Valley where the second largest body of fresh water, Lake Tanganyika, marks its western border. To the south lies South Africa, Malawi and Zambia, to the west lies the impenetrable Congo, Burundi and Rwanda and to the north lies Uganda and Kenya.

The spice islands of Zanzibar sit just off the cost by the capital Dar es Salaam, where Moorish culture has stamped its exotic influence. Inland there are so many great parks and game reserves from which to choose safari – The Selous, Ruaha, Katavi – and the incomparable Ngorongoro Crater and The Serengeti, the greatest of them all! Inland are more unusual safaris – chimp trekking in the Mahale Mountains or strange and wild Katavi with its hibernating crocodiles…

Fly into Nairobi and hop the border to Arusha or into Dar es Salaam and enjoy the most amazing safari on the continent. Ask Global Artichoke to point you in the right direction.