This lovely country in the middle of southern Africa is the jigsaw piece that fits between The Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and almost Botswana but actually Namibia because something strange happens along the Zambezi just upriver from Victoria Falls!

Zambia touches the Falls on one side of the river, south of the capital Lusaka and its southern border follows the Zambezi, through Lake Kariba as far as Mozambique. The other great river is the Luangwa which rises in Malawi to the east. Zambia’s North and South Luangwa parks are stunning and extremely bio-diverse, Kafue being the other big reserve and also well worth a visit.

The safari style in Zambia is very well-established old East-African, having grown up at the same time as Zimbabwe. Lots of charm and huge wealth of bush knowledge contribute to make a traditional walking safari truly memorable.

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